Cast Iron Router Table…Progress!

It has taken slightly longer than I expected (9 1/2 weeks or so all told (sure there’s a movie reference in there somewhere 😉 ) but finally I have the machined router wing back in my hands.

I’ve had a couple of operations performed on it, one quite high risk, so it will be interesting to see if it really survived.  The first was flattening the rounded front edge, so I can butt a couple of the wings against each other.  That was ok, and without particular drama.

The second was removing a large portion of the centre of the wing so it could fit a Woodpeckers Router Lift.  The amount of material removed allowed a lot of stresses in the metal to be released, causing quite a lot of cupping of the top.  However, by bolting through the top into a couple of metal bars to act as brackets to pull the top back into alignment seems to have done the trick.

CI Router top in its new form

CI Router top in its new form

The underside

The underside

So there we are.  Nex job will involve finally bolting it all together to form the ultimate router top, and fit something like the LS 17 from Incra to it.  Build a real base, and then we might be done before taking it for a spin.

And Grows!

From Microclene Australia comes what is widely touted as “The last dust mask you’ll ever own” – the Dust Bee Gone.

Developed by a woodturner, and an ex- nurse(?) who took the design of surgical masks and applied it to woodworking, creating a mask that can be worn comfortably for hours at a time, can be washed and reused over and over.  Instead of paying good money over and over for quality paper masks, get one that lasts, and is comfortable to boot.

Oh, and it doesn’t fog your glasses up either! No point having a surgeon wielding a knife or laser with precision if they can’t see the patient!

Added to the prize pool for the 1/2 million draw.

Dust Bee Gone, from Microclene

Dust Bee Gone, from Microclene

Prize Draw Grows!

Holmesglen TAFE Short Courses have added a prize to the draw – $100 off any of their Short Courses. Thanks to them, and all the companies supporting this draw 🙂

The draw will most likely conclude before Friday THIS WEEK, so make sure you get your entries and prize nomination in!

Remember all your entries will only be counted against 1 prize, so choose wisely!  You can go for one that you (and everyone else) really wants, and count on pot luck, or nominate one of the less subscribed prizes, substantially increasing your chance of winning.

Or, you can simply have “any” in which case all your entries will count towards the least subscribed prize, maximising your chance of winning, but not being in the draw for the hottest sought after prize.  Decisions decisions!

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