Pro Drill Press Table (again)

A while ago I showed an upgrade I had done to my drill press- the addition of the Pro DrillPress table from Professional Woodworkers Supplies. As part of the upgrade, and because of the handle on the DP, I had added a drawer to act as a spacer and storage.

As some of you observed (can’t get anything by you), more recently I had removed all that and was using some cast iron tablesaw wings to provide a much larger, solid table that could also take MagSwitch technology.

That experiment has ended, more than anything else than because of the exceptional weight that table ended up being. Good for a router table, bad for the drill press.

So the Pro Table is returning, in this situation, its benefits outweight that of MagSwitch tech!

There are a couple of issues I need to address in this recommissioning. First, access to the height adjusting handle, and that is the subject of the photo here.

I’ve removed the original DP handle (secured with a grubscrew), and have replaced it with an extension from an old socketset (one I did try to sell at a garage sale a year or so ago- it plus a bunch of sockets and bits for $2 and still no takers!) Now it just adds extra weight to the mantra “never throw anything away”!

On the DP, I did have to create a square on the round shaft the handle came off, but that was seconds of work with an angle grinder. I want to secure it in place, and it will end up being supported along its length (and it needs a new handle- hmm sounds like a height winding wheel off a tablesaw would be PERFECT!)

I still need to do something about the tablelock for access, and also I have been finding the Pro Top does flex the way I have it, so will add some extra support for it in the form of a new top for the drawer unit.

So on with the recommissioning (and I’m positive that the DP height wheel rather than height handle will prove awesome. Just remember you read it here first!)

Krenov & Australian Wood Review

Woodworking icons are harder to come by with the losses of Sam Maloof and Tag Frid, so getting to read a personal interview between the editor of Australian Wood Review and James Krenov carried extra weight.

Even more so because I’m planning on going on Ideal Tools’ Krenov-inspired Cabinety course late this year/early next year. The cabinet may not find its way into the house, but I have some handplanes and other hand-made traditional handtools that would stunning stored in such a unit.

So I’m reading the Krenov article closely, to get a better idea of the sort of mindset and approach James takes to his woodworking, or what he calls “the romance of the craft”.

The interview with James Krenov can be found in the current edition (64) of Australian Wood Review.

(And there is a certain panel clamp article in the same edition).

Australian Wood Review have also really generously offered two annual subscriptions to be added to the prize pool for Stu’s Shed 1/2 millionth visitor comp, so a big thanks to Linda and Raf for that 🙂

Thanks to all the companies who have contributed to such a generous prize pool- it has certainly appealed to everone who has entered so far (and there is still time to enter multiple times if you haven’t, wherever you are in the world- this is not an Aust only comp!)

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