You can lead a horse…

Finally got to see a Rockwell Jawhorse in person, and I can certainly see it as a redeveloped (rather than suped up as is the Worx Pro version) Chinese-made Superjaws. The proportions etc are all the same, and I daresay at first glance that the Triton accessories would be interchangeable.  The jaw opening might be a little less (50mm or so) than the Superjaws, but the strength is the same – capable of 1000kg of pressure (but that is not 1 ton as erroneously listed on the tool).

It is going to be interesting to see how the re-emerging Triton responds to this version of their historically very successful Superjaws.  Perhaps a return to the original design, made in Australia might be the hook that keeps the Superjaws in the game.

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