Alright – you asked for it….

The most comprehensive survey of powered Triton tools ever conducted.

It has been added to the Triton survey page.  Now it is a large list (37 line items), so it is going to take a little while to load the page. (under 60 seconds still!) However, when it does load, you will have a chance to let your opinions known!

Go go go (to the Triton Survey)

Fridge Magnets

Been investigating getting some Stu’s Shed fridge magnets from an Oz magnet supplier. Website only has POA, so I gave them a ring.

Asked how much for their fridge magnets? “How Many?”
Between 100 and 1000 depending on the unit price. “We don’t deal with such small orders”
So what is your minimum order “Minimum of 1000”
So how many for 1000? “We don’t do orders that small”
So what is your minimum order size? “Orders over 1000”
So how many for 1001? “We only do orders over 1000”
So how many do I have to order that you would be interested? “Let me give you the name of another company”

I guess they don’t want to sell me fridge magnets….or any other magnets either after that experience. 😦

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