Riding the Wave

Looking like a model for a proposed youth skateboard park, the new DMT Diamond Wave was released about a month or so ago, and has since surfed its way down under to Stu’s Shed.

DMT Diamond Wave

DMT Diamond Wave

Comes in both a Fine and Extra Fine version (a 600 grit/25 micron diamond and a 1200 grit/9 micron diamond) (but still, divide by 3 to get the exposed diamond size!)

At 10″ long, and a continuously changing diameter surface at some point many gouges etc will get a match. I can almost imagine one mounted to the side of the lathe, and as you are turning, you can take a couple of swipes on either side to get a perfect edge.

Obviously perfect for carving chisels (and perhaps more suited – wood turners (real ones as opposed to my pretending) use a couple of quick wipes on a fast spinning AlOx wheel)

However, I may not be much of a wood tuner, but I see the future, and it contains amazingly sharp turning chisels and gouges. I might turn poorly, and take ages to produce something, but you’ll be able to shave with my tools (and check out your reflection in the edge of the next!)

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