Delving in the Archives

I’ve been spending a bit of the evening, diving through the files and folders of the old website (the really old one – my Triton one, last updated December 2006, and now only residing on one of my harddrives).

I spent a bit of the day (non shed day) re-setting up my home wireless network, and now sitting on my laptop in front of the Formula One, I have wireless access of my other computer (and can control and see its screen on this computer). So I can also see and access the 3 external harddrives currently plugged into it (4.5TB) as well as another harddrive plugged directly into my router, and a printer I can send files to wirelessly.  I feel like a king of my wireless domain!  All this is only relevant because of the access to my old files (easily).  Got a bit distracted – exciting action-packed start to the Grand Prix – bits of wing and cars flying everywhere!

One file I found, which I had pretty much forgotten – click here to see (it is about 1MB, so too big just to drop onto the main page (unfortunately)

A rather young Gordon Heggie demonstrating the Australian-made Superjaws.

FWIW, it is an animated gif file – what we used to use to get some inline form of movie file, back in Web 1.0 days! How times have changed (imagine one of my 30 minute movies all as an animated gif – probably fill the average harddrive!) 🙂

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