Triton are BACK

Triton have again returned to Australian (and international) stores! Supply is limited, as is the product range, but that is set to grow, and quick.

The first 100 or so units (Workcentre) supplied hardly managed to make it to the store shelves before they were walking out the door again. I am getting from the manufacturer a list of stores initially being supplied. Bunnings will not be making the list.

The range is very limited as production is scaled up, so you have a unique opportunity to influence what are the next products bought back online.

I have created a special page here with surveys attached.

They ask what are the products you most want to see, and least want to see make a return.  I am not covering power tools in this survey – I will do that shortly.

Update – 3rd survey now added about upgrades/modifications to current designs

4 Responses

  1. Stu – great news, I’ve been currently buying up BIG on E-Bay and possibly paying to much, Triton Workcentre & Accessory Mega Package – $2000. I sent a list for quote to Dahlsens, Triton preferred dealer, no response. E-mailed Triton, no response also. Can you send/publish a list of dealers.
    I now require a Triton Router/Jigsaw package complete!
    I have a copy of your article: Unorthodox Triton Router Table Mod Part 1, any other articles on Triton?

    • Somewhere to buy parts for various pieces of triton gear would be good. Like a switch for my Respirator. Also a pair of the plastic clips, which the waist belt passes through, and which also double as retaining clips for the motor body to the case. Any clues out there?

  2. Triton 2000 workcentre advertised in Dahlsens catalog for $449

  3. […] too. Waiting might pay you dividends and you don't have to buy from ripoff artists on ebay! Triton are BACK Stu’s Shed Ringing Dahlsens might be a […]

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