I did manage a short excursion out to the shed today – with the intention to try handcutting a dovetail.

Yes, I did manage, no, it isn’t worth showing the result!  (I was rushed, so finessing the fit just wasn’t on the cards).  Irrespective, it looks no worse than many of the dovetails on current imported furniture, so now I just have to get the standard up (need lots of practice time).

As much as there are all sorts of sawblade guides etc on the market, I found the actual cuts and chiseling to be the easy part.  What was difficult (and had a massive impact on the quality of fit) was getting the markup / layout neat. If I had gotten that aspect sorted, the whole evolution would have gone a lot smoother.

An interesting exercise, and I will do quite a bit more to see if I can’t achieve a reasonable (and consistent) quality.

However, using a router with something like the Gifkins jig sure is a lot simpler, and neater (at least for a non-expert)

Cutting the Dovetails

Cutting the Dovetails

Using the quite beautiful Veritas Dovetail saw from Carbatec.  It feels really nice in hand – not your average saw, yet not an unreasonable price either.  If you are half tempted, see if the guys will open a box up for you (or rather don’t, because if you are tempted, you will then be sold!)

Chiselling out the waste

Chiselling out the waste

It was only a simple dovetail joint – 2 pins, just to test the concept. That’s the Walko workbench underneath it

The final "proof of concept"

The final "proof of concept"

No, it isn’t a pretty joint, or even particularly well done.  I knew the pins were oversized (better over than under to my mind), because you can always shave them down a fraction, however I’d run out of time and despite knowing the consequences of doing so, took the mallet to it to join them and got the inevitable splits form.  Oh well, I needed some more fuel for the potbelly!

Triton are BACK

Triton have again returned to Australian (and international) stores! Supply is limited, as is the product range, but that is set to grow, and quick.

The first 100 or so units (Workcentre) supplied hardly managed to make it to the store shelves before they were walking out the door again. I am getting from the manufacturer a list of stores initially being supplied. Bunnings will not be making the list.

The range is very limited as production is scaled up, so you have a unique opportunity to influence what are the next products bought back online.

I have created a special page here with surveys attached.

They ask what are the products you most want to see, and least want to see make a return.  I am not covering power tools in this survey – I will do that shortly.

Update – 3rd survey now added about upgrades/modifications to current designs

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