Rubber Flooring

If you missed out last time, Aldi (temporarily) have more stock of their rubber floor matting, which I last saw in there almost exactly a year ago (wonder if Aldi has an annual purchasing cycle)

Rubber Floor Mat

Rubber Floor Mat

The price is now $25 (was $20 last year) for a pack of 6 (which includes heaps of edging), but it is still cheaper than elsewhere (the other notable version is about the same price (if not even more) and only has 4 pieces), and it is solid rather than a grid which I’d expect would quickly fill with sawdust (and cannot be swept out)

Holey Floor Mat

Holey Floor Mat

So I grabbed another couple of packs – obviously then after 12 months I am still happy with how the matting is working in my space.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out these mats, I raced straight down to Aldi in Ferntree gully and bought 6 pkts.Now I can replace all the odd mats, like sheets of MDF and cardboard that i have been using for the last few months

  2. fwiw I reckon the ones with all the holes are softer underfoot. My workshop floor is covered with carpet tiles, (concrete) and I have the rubber mats at the lathe and workcentre. A vacuum cleaner fixes up shavings o.k.

    • No doubt they are even softer (not that the mats I’m using are not quite comfortable underfoot (or knee!)), but I know how my cleaning practices work – the sawdust would sit between the slots for a long time!

  3. After seeing this post I thought I would try the local Aldi …. unfortunately I haven’t been there in the past few weeks. Bunnies however have packs of 4 on sale at $17.50 (choice of holes or no holes) …. looking forward to testing them out.

  4. Where did you purchase that Holey Floor mat, I have been looking for one exactly like that?

  5. Amber

    Holey floor mat is avalable fromCarbatec

    – Archer Workshop mat
    – catalog page 121 ref RFL-15

    Here’s the link


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