500,000th Visit Prizedraw

There is a new tag at the top of the website called simply 500,000

All details of a big giveaway can be found there .  Some great prizes already, more to come. An entry a day so don’t wait till the end, and the more you tell people about it, the more entries you get!

Competition will close once 500,000 visits have occurred – don’t miss out!  This will happen well before the end of September, so you don’t have long to enter (or long to wait to see if you’ve won something!)  You can enter and nominate a choice of prize later (some Carbatec prizes will be posted early next week for example), or leave the choice blank, and I’ll add your name to the prize with the shortest list (if you are the only person, then “automatic win”!) 🙂

Update – the response has been amazing! But the news is not all bad if you are in the draw- given the number of prizes, everyone with only a single entry still has around a 1 in 4 chance of winning! So by getting extra entries in, those odds become quite short 🙂

Oh, and the rate things are running, this comp will be over in 10-12 days, rather than the original expectation of 20-25 days! Means each day’s entry carries so much more weight.

Comp will be closed shortly (11 Sep 09)

Rubber Flooring

If you missed out last time, Aldi (temporarily) have more stock of their rubber floor matting, which I last saw in there almost exactly a year ago (wonder if Aldi has an annual purchasing cycle)

Rubber Floor Mat

Rubber Floor Mat

The price is now $25 (was $20 last year) for a pack of 6 (which includes heaps of edging), but it is still cheaper than elsewhere (the other notable version is about the same price (if not even more) and only has 4 pieces), and it is solid rather than a grid which I’d expect would quickly fill with sawdust (and cannot be swept out)

Holey Floor Mat

Holey Floor Mat

So I grabbed another couple of packs – obviously then after 12 months I am still happy with how the matting is working in my space.

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