Feels Like Highschool

All over again! I’ve been swotting up for a ‘test’ tomorrow – the filming of Hand Tools for secondary schools/Tafes, with me presenting, over in the Ideal Tools workshop.

Handtools – oh crap!  Why couldn’t it be power tools?  I know how to use those!  This is going to be less than ideal (and in hindsight, it was, at least from my perspective – I don’t like taking about things I’m not inherently confident with)

I even took my ‘study notes’ to the Footy (Australian Rules Football). Had tickets from the retiring CEO of Richmond (Go Tigers!), so got some really nice seats, and even passes to get into the dressing room afterwards.

Sitting in the vicinity of Jeff Kennett (previous Victorian Premier), Julia Gillard (Australian Deputy Prime Minister) and of course, Stu (from Stu’s Shed!)

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