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Some bits ‘n’ pieces: I’m trying to tidy up a little (visually), so have made some new social media buttons to get everything looking a bit more uniform.  At the same time, there is a new button you’ll find over the right hand side – a “Random Post” button. Click on it, and be taken to a random post somewhere on this website.  I’m even finding it fun, rediscovering old posts I have long forgotten!

On other news, I now have links through to Amazon from “The Store”.  Again, if you are interested in getting something from them, then clicking through does benefit this site, and you certainly don’t have to get any of the books I’ve suggested!

Had a few Dremel brushes turn up in the mail today, which is interesting primarily because I won them by using Twitter.  There are often little contests like that running from different suppliers/manufacturers.  If you are quick!  As far as the Dremel brushes go, I’m hoping they can fit my Triton Rotary Tool.  They may be a tool, but I don’t know – tools are not meant to be described as “cute”!

Sunday I’m off to Ideal Tools, where we are shooting some introductory videos on hand tools for Secondary and Tafe students.  It will be a whole day shoot, with a video crew of 5 (just a little different from my one-man operation)  Think what bothers me is the call sheet – has me listed as the “Talent” What the? Think they have the wrong person (or at least the wrong description!!).

Finally, over time a few fellow woodworking bloggers have been on the receiving end of less than complementary posts. So I’ve created a new blog called FanFail as somewhere for any of them to post the sorts of comments they have been receiving.  There’s nothing there as yet (which really is a good thing), but it will hopefully be a bit of a stress relief, rather than having to just take the comments, roll with them, they will have somewhere to put them, so the community can share them, away from the affected blog and see them for what they really are – FailMail. (Which is a play on Email / FanMail / and Epic Fail)

That’s all I have as new news (I think!) At least the weekend is upon us!

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