Pens etc from Rockler

If you were planning on getting any of the new pens

Laser Cut Pen Kits

Laser Cut Pen Kits

Or Bench Cookies

Rockler Bench Cookie

Rockler Bench Cookie

Or anything else from the Rockler Store, this week would be a pretty good time to do it – they are offering free shipping in the US, and will deduct the value of shipping in the US from any international orders (so everyone gets the same saving).  Better yet, get together with some friends and combine the postage – might as well not pay any more than necessary.  As always, if you click through to Rockler from Stu’s Shed, it also benefits this site.  Thanks to those who have already done so – I don’t get many $$ from it, but the intention is definitely appreciated!

If you missed Rockler’s comments on here, they are also seeing if they can source for us some video of the pen kits being made (the laser cutting process).

One Response

  1. Stu,

    Rockler cookies rock. Prior to your artice I had ordered 3 sets of cookies from Rockler a week or so ago (two for me and 1 for a friend). I have just received them and tried them out as I had a box sanding project waiting for their arrival. They are the greatest and do work as well and maybe even better than advertised (at least much better than I dared to imagine). Surprised at the grip even with a good dusting of sawdust. The set I ordered for my mate is being replaced by a donation of my now obsolete non-slip matts as a replacement – He’s not getting the 3rd set even if I already have 2!!!


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