Triton Router Guides – Something NEW!

Well for me at least.  Hugh has just made a comment on the post on the Inlay Kit, and it was something I never knew.

I was talking in that previous post about having to fit the Woodpeckers Universal Adapter Plate to the Triton router to take the Porter Cable style template guides. Well I guess that just isn’t so!

If you have the Triton Template Guide kit (either the one for the TRA001, or the one for the MOF001) then as part of the kit you get an alignment bush – it is designed to centre the template guide plate on the router by fitting tightly on the router collet.  Now the diameter of the hole is very close to that of the thread of the Porter Cable guides, so you can use them directly, without having to completely replace the template guide setup.

Triton and Woodpeckers Template Mounting Plates

Triton and Woodpeckers Template Mounting Plates

On the right is the 1400W Triton router, with the base plate replaced with the Woodpeckers Universal, and a template guide in the centre (the brass bit).

On the left is what Hugh pointed out – you can mount the brass template guide into the alignment guide, and fit that to the Triton router’s optional template guide base plate.  It doesn’t matter which kit you use btw – the one for the 1400W router has everything in it for the 2400W router (but not vise versa).

So this has the black plastic base (the one that came with the router, and under that the template guide base plate. In the centre of that is the alignment guide, and in the very centre, a brass template guide.  Disappointingly it doesn’t sit flush with the surroundings, but that doesn’t matter because it all sits below the router base.

There is an extra benefit – fitting the templates to the Woodpeckers plate is a little fiddly on the Triton router (I had to remove the dust guards to even be able to reach in there, and then I was getting close to a sharp router bit) Whereas with Hugh’s suggestion, I can mount the template guide completely away from the router, then fit it to the router with the ease of all the Triton template guides.  Note some router bits are larger than the template guide opening, so what you do there is slip the bit through the guide, then with the guide loose, tighten the bit into the router.  Then wind the router height down until the template guide can be fixed into place.

About the only disappointment I had (other than the flush thing) was that the Leigh Template guide was too loose to be useful. Yes, you can get it centred and tightened, but the specific benefit of the Leigh bush is that it is eccentric, so you normally benefit from loosening it and slightly rotating.  If the fit is loose, you will have other problems!

Different Guides

Different Guides

So here on the right is one of the Triton Template Guide kits , and in the lower left corner of that kit is the alignment guide that will fit the template guides shown in the green case.

In the green case is a new set of Porter Cable style template guides from Professional Woodworkers Supplies.  On the lid is the Inlay guide that was just reviewed, and the Leigh eccentric template guide.

So there you have it – the video I am releasing in the next day or so on the inlay router guide is already out of date!  And I only thought that happened to IT/computer related posts!!

Thanks Hugh – some good info 🙂


No, I still haven’t made a workbench, and it is an issue that is really weighing on me, as I know just how much more functional the workshop could be with one.

I have collected so many different plans and ideas for what I want to do with one, but am missing the key ingredients – the hardware, and materials (and we won’t mention not having time!)  I am still tempted to try to make a workbench while on the Hall Table course over at Ideal Tools!

‘They’ do say to start with the hardware, and build your bench around that – seems reasonable.  I am still rather impressed with the Benchcrafted vices – despite not having a retailer in Oz (yet).  I still need to find a supply of good (but cheap) timber for the bench.  And that runs smack into my lack of knowledge of what timber should be priced at, and what is a good deal etc.  (Hmm, I see another article coming on)


All this has been bought on by a link that Roy gave me (on the links page) to Workbench Design. Lots of really good looking benches. Oh, and getting to play with the portable, contractors Walko Bench from Ideal Tools that is in my workshop at the moment, and how functional having a bench really is.

Professional set 2008

Still need to get this book from Chris Schwarz – Dvd6

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