Super Link Post

Since posting an initial list of blogs, a number more blogs have been sent through (thanks!), and I have also dived heavily into my old woodworking links folder, checking all my links to make sure only current ones were retained.  There are still notable exceptions I’m sure – there are some I’m sure I could find for the commercial section, but will pick them up later.  For any sites I’ve missed but shouldn’t have (particularly because I do know of them). My apologies – please remind me!!

Any others you want to submit, go right ahead.  In the meantime, the contents of this post will become a separate links page on this site as a permanent resource. Currently 173 sites are listed here – enjoy the explore!

And just a note – there is no ulterior motivation here for me having listed sites both here and a few posts ago – the response from the previous post was so positive, I decided a more comprehensive list was justified.


Yes – the list has been removed, or rather, it has been moved and is now on its own tab at the top of the page, called “Links

I kept adding sites, and so as not to have to do any more double handling than necessary, one central depository of links is a lot easier!

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