Microclene is Indahouse

Had Steve from Microclene visit today, and we spent a few hours chewing the fat about the wood industry, marketing, dust, filters, wood shows etc etc

I tried to convince Steve that Microclene should get into cyclonic technology for chip collection, but it isn’t a market they are looking at currently, and instead is focusing on the primary and secondary safety aspects – personal respiratory protection (more on that in the near future), and air filtration.

The MC1000 is currently above the Walko workbench, where it can gather the airborne dust I was generating as fast as I could to test the unit.  I went through pretty much every serious bit of sawdust producing equipment I had – ROS, belt sander, Arbortech, Spider, Blowfly etc, but without too much surprise I guess, the winner was the untouchable Festool Termite – boy can that thing eat wood!

The unit it single speed, which isn’t relevant to me as I run them at full speed anyway – why have one if you are not going to use it at maximum dust gathering capacity? One thing I was able to show Steve was my wireless switches that I use for lighting (documented on here about 12 months back), which works well for starting and stopping the MC1000 as well.

While having our discussions, and dust generatings we turned on a high powered torch I have in the workshop, and we watched to see just how long the fine particles hang around, even with the unit going full bore.  Quite startling really – the finest particles seem to hang, even in the midst of the generated gale. They slowly cleared, but it just goes to show that even with a powerful dust filtration unit located close to the dust generation, personal protection is still important.

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