After a few tweets, a fellow blogger came up with a suggestion for himself, that if widely adopted could improve the interconnectivity of woodworking blogs all over. His blog, the Taylor Garage proposed the idea that he was going to comment as widely as possible on other blogs’ posts.

Now when I started my blog a bit over 2 years ago, there were not many blogs to read – The Wood Whisperer, and Matts Basement Workshop among the very few.  Inspired by “Torch02”, I decided to have a bit of a look at the range of woodworking blogs now out there.  My first pass exceeded 60. Talk about a rising trend!

In no particular order, this are the first sites I hit to discover just how massive the online resource now is for woodworkers!

Stu’s Shed ‘The Woodworking Life’ Blog – Fine Woodworking Adventures in Woodworking Blanchard Creative Woodworking Buzz Saw, The Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Blog Caroline Sly Woodworking CONTEMPORIST Dan’s Shop DeCou Dorset Custom Furniture – A Woodworkers Photo Journal Evenfall Woodworks Flying Chips From the Workshop Furnitology Productions Heartwood In the workshop « Acornhouseworkshop’s Blog J. Alexander Fine Woodworking Blog | Custom Furniture and Cabinetry in Boise, Idaho by J. Alexander Fine Woodworking Logan Cabinet Shoppe – Blog Lost Art Press Blog Luke Townsley’s blog | Marcus Sly – Handmade Furniture – Handmade Furniture Blog Matt’s Basement Workshop MLW Woodworking – Tools, Videos, Projects, and The 207 Forum mod mom furniture Modern Woodshop Musings from the Workbench Norse Woodsmith | Woodworking Tools and Projects Peter Follansbee, joiner’s notes Robin Wood RockDoggy’s Woodshop Sandal Woods – Fine Woodworking & Cabinetry Sleepydog Wood Shop Splintered Board Podcast Stuart Ablett’s Workshop Syzygy – Adventures in Woodturning and Woodworking The Bois Shop at Newton Fine Woodworking The Folding Rule The Incidental Woodworker The Inquisitive Woodworker The Morning Woodworker The Northwest Woodworking Studio The Part-Time Woodworker The Refined Edge The Renaissance Woodworker — So many projects, so little time… Welcome to Woodworking A-D-D. The Tattooed Woodworker The Taylor Garage The Village Carpenter The Wood Mechanic The Wood Whisperer Woodworking Video Podcast, Blog, and Forum Timberwerks Studio Tom’s Workbench Tony’s Woodshop Toolmaking Art TUMBLEWOOD Wisdom of the Hands Wood Zealot’s Workshop Woodworking blog Woodworking Magazine Woodworking Tools and Products, Tips, Techniques and Projects Woodworking Video Blog (WoodTreks™) — Online Videos for Woodworkers, Techniques, People, How To Ideas and Projects Woodworking Workbench UK – Richard Maguire Workbenches. Working Wood

Some of these have some very classy layouts, and quality photos, and lots of woodworking occuring! I need to spend a lot more time looking though these – there is a lot that can be learned from what others are doing.  I feel guilty that I don’t focus more on the quality of my images, but it comes down to the quantity is vastly outweighing my ability to process every one to a superior quality.

There are also a LOT of workbenches being made out there – lots of associated articles.  Not that this is a bad thing either – each is different, and by looking at all the different approaches, you can build up a picture of your ideal bench.

I’m still a bit stunned by the number of blogs now out there.

Update- forgot to mention (writing too late at night), to please include any other blogs out there that you rate (and your own of course if not in this list (sorry about the omission!))  By default, any comment with a link ends up in the moderation queue, but that’s ok, they are then flagged in my email so I do know they are there, needing attention.

11 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link, Stu. And thanks for the list – there’s definitely a bunch of titles in there that I hadn’t seen before.

  2. Hey Stu,

    You missed one 😉

    The Craftsman’s Path


  3. wow…that is a large number…so I thought that I would add to it…

    mine !

    Original Rudge

  4. Stu, thanks for listing my Wisdom of the hands blog. I also have a newer one dedicated to box making.

    • I’ve been wracking my brain for the past day or so why I thought I recognised the name – someone from the woodworking club? Someone who’s commented here before? hmmmm.

      Then it hit me. Bloody hell – THERE it is – Doug Stowe is a name from my bookshelf!

      Basic Box Making, and one from my favourite series -Taunton’s Illustrated Guide to Woodworking!

      Hi Doug, welcome to my modest little corner of the woodworking world!

  5. Sorry guys – forgot to invite comments of any other sites, either suggested ones, or your own!

    Posting a link into comments means it automatically goes into my moderation queue to ensure it is not spam, but I can sort those out pretty quickly!

    Do include other sites – I’m planning on creating a page dedicated to being a blogroll (in other words a links page, primarily for blogs, but will include other particularly pertinent sites)

  6. Stu, thanks for listing Syzygy…Adventures in Woodturning and Woodworking.

    Although I dabble in woodworking the main thrust of my site is woodturning. I have not been able to find that many blogs dedicated to woodturning and would be interested in hearing if any of your readers know of any.

    • Hi Keith,
      No probs at all.
      I have come across some dedicated woodturning blogs – will track them down again and get them into my full blogroll page I’m compiling.

  7. Stu, you listed us but picked up our tag line, Woodworking Tools and Products, Tips, Techniques and Projects. We are Thanks for including us! I’d also like to add another one to your list Thanks for putting the list together. It’s nice to see how many woodworkers are out there!

  8. Hey Stu……………….that was kinda fun just clicking around the woodworking web.


  9. Hi Stu … Thanks for listing my dorset custom furniture blog … Here are a couple more I read from time to time : .. famous greene and greene inspired furnituremaker comments on woodworking and golf
    I have had some great comments on my blog from time to time and I think your message too your readers is a good one … ‘All of us are smarter than one of us’. and it’s good to share the wisdom … dan

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