SSYTC008 – Blowfly Spider Cookies

Now I’m sure that name makes little sense to anyone, so let’s clarify.

I grabbed the little digi-camera and shot a quick look at the Rockler Bench Cookies in action. They can be seen securing a board while edge routing with a hand-held router, while sanding with a ROS (random orbital sander), and while using the Blowfly Sander and Spider Sander, both from T&T Design.  There will be more on these 2 sanders shortly.

During the video, you’ll see the blowfly looking like it is catching my shirt- it isn’t, it is just generating quite a breeze, but it will be something I am more aware of in future.  Also, you’ll see me generating a ton of dust without breathing protection. I have a high volume air cleaner (Microclene MC1000) directly overhead, and during the dust production, I wasn’t breathing, so hopefully that puts anyone’s safety concerns at ease!

7 Responses

  1. Hehe… At 35 seconds you say they have an “anti-grip surface”… I hope its the other way around…. 🙂

  2. Those coockies look great. Do you know if anyone will be selling themin Australia or do we need to buy them direct from Rockler

    • No one selling them in Oz (as yet) – thinking I might even look at importing them, but that’s a whole box of worms I have no idea if I want to open!

      At the moment, getting them in Oz means buying direct from Rockler (the link is in my “Store”)

      I wouldn’t mind another set myself – 4 is ok, but for larger boards etc, another couple in the middle to provide extra support would be even better (or for wider panels etc)

  3. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a set of these. Given their cheap price, I’ll bet the wife will be willing to cross this off my Christmas list!

  4. Stu, is that a Walko workbench your using? If so have/will you be doing a review on them?


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