SSYTC008 – Blowfly Spider Cookies

Now I’m sure that name makes little sense to anyone, so let’s clarify.

I grabbed the little digi-camera and shot a quick look at the Rockler Bench Cookies in action. They can be seen securing a board while edge routing with a hand-held router, while sanding with a ROS (random orbital sander), and while using the Blowfly Sander and Spider Sander, both from T&T Design.  There will be more on these 2 sanders shortly.

During the video, you’ll see the blowfly looking like it is catching my shirt- it isn’t, it is just generating quite a breeze, but it will be something I am more aware of in future.  Also, you’ll see me generating a ton of dust without breathing protection. I have a high volume air cleaner (Microclene MC1000) directly overhead, and during the dust production, I wasn’t breathing, so hopefully that puts anyone’s safety concerns at ease!

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