Phone Contact

Apologies to anyone who have been trying to ring me over the past few weeks and not been able to get through. I have (and still am) having serious issues with my VirginMobile service, and at this stage may not have any mobile service until Monday afternoon.

If you need to get hold of me, please email (or tweet) and I’ll return your call ASAP.

Apologies if you have left any messages that I have not returned- my voicemail and SMS have also been completely compromised.


While on the subject of adverts, this is the current one on the Rockwell Sonicrafter

Roadside Adverts

Normally, I don’t like advertising.


(Yeah – a big fullstop (if I could have made it bigger I would have)) Unless it ticks some very serious boxes. Clever, entertaining, well conceived, and presumably relevant to me, but that’s just a bonus.

So I was very impressed by the massive billboard on the Mornington Peninsula freeway when I saw an advert caught my eye.  And from a company that I have been looking at their products over the past year or so, but that’s not relevant – it is a billboard about WOODWORKING – OMG!

I was traveling at 100km/hr (Officer), so I didn’t get a photo, but I contacted Rockwell who sent me a collection of the billboards around the city/State.

The first one is the same ad I saw – and given I’m sure I am slipping quickly into one, it resonated particularly well (I want a motorcycle again (rode for 15 years before getting my first car), get back into diving shipwrecks, and jump out of a plane for my rapidly approaching 40th damn it!)




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