Misan Timbers and Craftwood

I recently received delivery of a boxmaking pack of timber from Misan Craftwood in Tasmania. I was hoping by now that I would have been able to make a box from it to show off the timbers, but I was not expecting my router table to have taken as long as it has, and it is kind of integral to my woodworking!  So as not to hold it up any longer, I thought I might at least take a photo of the pack of timber that arrived, and show what I make from it when I get the chance.

Misan Craftwood Box Pack

Misan Craftwood Box Pack

The pack was delivered to dimensions I had specified from a box plan I want to make – it was all Tassie Oak, with a piece of Jarrah for some contrast pieces. The cost of this pack would be $45 (for Tassie Oak), or $55 if in Blackwood, Sassafras, Celery top Pine and Jarrah

Misan Craftwood have a new thicknesser which gives them precise sizing and a fine finish. They have recently move to Tasmania from WA, so they still have a good range of timbers from the west too.

Looking forward to having my router table back in action so I can get the box made that I’ve been intending to make with these timbers!

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