Rotabrade on New Inventors

Saw an interesting product on “The New Inventors” tonight on ABC – the Rotabrade – a drum sander that attaches to your angle grinder.



After seeing it in action, it looked like it had a decent amount of control (and compared to the Arbortech, control of some high speed sandpaper is NOT an issue, despite what the judges thought!)

Not sure when they will be on the market – won’t be long I imagine after appearing on the ABC – it is bloody hard even getting on there! Cost of the unit is said to be around $15.

Yay for a new season of “The New Inventors”

Yay for Aussie inventors

Yay for Australian manufacturing

Rockler Bench Cookies

Out of the mists at the recent AFWS show in Las Vegas they appeared – futuristic looking like they had been sent back in time to the woodworkers of today as a gift from the future.

Looking not unlike blue hockey pucks, the word was out – the Rockler Bench Cookies had arrived.  No more would woodworkers have to use antislip mats under their work when freehand routing, or sanding operations (and then having to try to get that little polka-dot pattern left by oil residues in the mat off their work).  The Bench Cookies are designed to lift, grip and protect both your workpiece, as well as the bench underneath.

With a surface on their top and bottom with a little give, and a lot of grip, one placed in each corner (of a smaller piece, or a couple more in the middle of larger ones), they allow the full edge of the workpiece to be exposed, so when running your router around the edge with a fence, or a bearing bit, it can protrude below the base, and still there is plenty of grip of the workpiece so you can safely route without needing to clamp the piece down.

When sanding, the piece is held firmly as you’d expect, and then finishing – the edge is fully exposed so you can get your finish right to the bottom of the edge, and not find a bead of it pooling in the lower corner. They work whether clean or dusty, as the YouTube video below will demonstrate.

Rockler Bench Cookie

Rockler Bench Cookie

What’s more, they are cheap – a set of 4 costing under $US12 (get the actual pricing from the Rockler Store) Check with them what shipping costs though if you are purchasing outside the States- I haven’t found that out as yet.

This YouTube video was produced by  A quick tap and sweep with your fingers is what is recommended to clean it, but that is not even done here. I’ll make my own version of a video when I have a chance.

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