Completion of Clock Project

Things were able to progress faster than I was expecting – the Liquid Glass finish from was ready for the next stage by the following day (guess I got my mixture pretty right)

The last step was pretty straightforward – fix the clock mechanism to the burl (only requires a single central nut on the clock shaft), stick down the numbers, add the clock hands.

It was a while ago that I bought the mechanism, so the template for the position of the numbers was long gone (not that it is particularly hard – 30 degrees between each position), but I had an ace up my sleeve anyway – The Sewing Revolution 6-8 template.  It gave me exact positions for the numbers, and included exact position from the centre.

Number Location using Sewing Revolution

Number Location using Sewing Revolution

The Sewing Revolution seems a perfect tool for clockmaking – not something I had originally thought of, but made perfect sense when it did.

Completed Burl Clock

Completed Burl Clock

It almost became a shed clock, but foolishly I had it inside the house for the final finishing stages, and it got repurposed to replace the lounge clock.

Ok, not a bad thing, because I get to use it every day now.  Looks good – I’m happy!

Clock's Final Home

Clock's Final Home

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