The Phoenix is Arising!

I have it on expert authority (and I will protect my sources here) that some of the Triton range is now back in production, with the remainder of the manufactured range (as opposed to power tools (I don’t have a source of information on those)) being bought back on line in the near future.

As has been know for quite a while, Diver Consolidated Industries (DCI) in northern Melbourne were tooling up to take over production from the aging Triton plant in Cheltenham, and they are now in production mode.

See the ABC Inside Business Program of June 14th 2009

DCI from all reports is a very high quality manufacturer who have been producing parts for the automotive industry for 60 years, and who are now the new home for the manufacture of Triton. They are an Australian manufacturer, and what’s more are bringing back onshore some of the production that had been outsourced to China (and elsewhere?), and you know how I feel about local manufacturing!  I so hope that this means we will once again see Australian made Superjaws and Multistands – they should have NEVER left Aussie shores!

DCI have 3rd party quality accreditation, and are going over every aspect of the manufacturing of the products to address any concerns that previously existed with the range.

Please don’t send me your lists (yet), but they will be wanting feedback from existing owners about what quality concerns you have, and what spares you want to see (as a priority).  Certainly start composing an answer to that question, but I will let you know when (and where) that information is needed.  I don’t have any way of sourcing spares, so please don’t ask! (I know there is a lot of orange tools out there hurting at the moment waiting for spares to once again become available – at least be assured that their availability is much more certain now that it ever has been over the past, long, 12 months!

At this stage I can tell you that the Workcentre, Router Table, Powered Saw Table, Finger Jointer and Dust Buckets are all in production. When they will be available on the Australian market is yet to be determined, as is how they will be distributed.  But keep your ears open for news in the coming weeks.

I will certainly be interested in supporting the products again through Stu’s Shed, be that training videos, product reviews, and if I can add them to my “Store” I will do that too.

Best news out of all this (in addition to that it is happening at all), is that the manufacturing is back fully in Australian hands where the users can directly input into the manufacturing where there are issues, and improvements that can be made, and a company with a solid quality assurance program, who is willing to listen and make product improvements is handling the manufacturing.

The name is still Triton, the product is still orange, and it is still going to be proudly Australian Made!! YOU BLOODY RIPPER!!

4 Responses

  1. This is the best news I have had in a long time as I have almost a compete range of Triton products bought over the years and although I look after my tools with great care I have had a few parts lost (see STOLEN ! ) from my workshop over the last few years and need some replacements.
    I will be watching the ongoing saga with great interest.
    Regards Bob

    • Hi Bob,
      It is good – progress finally – I will be kept in the loop (as much as they will trust an outsider), so will post any info I hear asap on this website

  2. It is a pitty that the prefered stockist on the triton website is not kept up to speed to advise all the enquires that i receive daily.

    • Not even sure who is managing that website, or if it is at all. Guess it is one of the ‘assets’ that was purchased by the new consortium owners of Triton.

      Sadly I don’t see them working to reestablish the brand like I would expect – keeping potential (and past) customers informed of developments, building expectations, providing anticipated dates etc. Leaving everyone out in the cold and wondering has generated massive amounts of bad will, which will have permanently cost them a lot of customers.

      The info I got here was the first out of anywhere that provided just a glint of potential for the reestablishment of the brand, but why the owners of the website don’t maintain it is beyond me.

      I still get phone calls from people (from that website) wanting to know about the Triton Club in Melbourne that died around the time that GMC went into liquidation. Be nice if that was removed too. Whom can I tell?

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