Looking for a Lifestyle Change?

The Lumber Bunker, in West Gosford on the Central Coast (east) of Australia is currently for sale as a going concern.

The Lumber Bunker

The Lumber Bunker

Its asking price is $A20,000 (plus fixtures etc at cost), on eBay of all places!  I can honestly say I’ve never seen a business sold on eBay before, but then I can also say I’ve never looked!

It is near surf beaches, so if you are looking for that lifestyle change, here’s one possibility.

Of course, as a woodworker I would have one concern – it would be like a drug dealer too addicted to their own product.  How could you bring yourself to sell stunning timber that you’d rather be going into one of your own projects (or you have a project on, and you find yourself shopping for timber in your own store – I’d never have anything left to sell!!)

3 Responses

  1. I’d give my right arm for that business! Wrong continent tho 😦

  2. There was a write up about this store in the Australian Woodworker, Issue 141, October 2008. Sounds like the owner went through a tough time and was moved to a new location last year.

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