Xmas Commissions have Begun

I’m going to be making 3 kitchens (so far) for Xmas for my wife’s Mother’s Group (although one is for our daughter).  Lots of ideas running around my head so far, and it may be quite different from what I came up with 2 years ago (2 years ago already???)

I’m only charging the cost of materials- it isn’t a money-making exercise.  It will probably be mostly MDF, perhaps with pine to create raised panels, with the intention that the whole kitchen will get a painted finish.  I’ve seen plenty of wooden toys at the toy library too, and I still think they make for a much more tactile experience than plastic ever could.

I’m currently looking at some sort of amalgamation of my original sink and stove set

Sink and Stove Set

Sink and Stove Set

and perhaps this one from the Target toy catalog

Target Kitchen

Target Kitchen

If anyone has other kitchen suggestions, I would definitely interested in seeing them, and seeing what to incorporate into the final design.

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  1. How timely. A colleague of mine and I are planning on building kitchens for our kids. We were originally thinking 1/2″ ply but we’re looking more into 1/2″ MDF since we are going to paint. We think 3/4″ material will be overkill and unnecessarily heavy.

    We thought about separates but felt that might take too long and take up too much space so we’ve been investigating the complete unit as an option. Below is a link of what I roughed up in Sketchup.


    (Disclaimer: here is a link to the “inspiration,” the top one)

    The fridge/freezer are recessed panel so they may be painted with metallic under chalkboard paint for magnets and scribbles. The shelf in the oven has 3 positions. The sink hole is to be filled with a removable plastic or metal bowl. The handles and faucet aren’t included in the plan; they’ll be roughed out later. And the plan is to simply paint oven eyes.

    You can see that the joinery is dado/rabbet with glue and reinforced with screws that will be filled and painted over.

    What do you think? I’m interested in hearing opinions. There are still some changes in the works. There will be a fixed shelf in the fridge that I haven’t added to model yet. And, I really like the plan you had on the oven to support under the hinges. I’ll need to work something out for that. I also don’t like the current toekick plan. I’ll have to do something about that.

    Please feel free to contact me at my included email address.

    • That’s an excellent collection of kitchens, and I like the inspiration behind, (and your actual) Sketchup drawing.

      That is actually much closer than you’d imagine to how I was going to modify the pink kitchen I showed above, but I hadn’t added those rounded ends – I certainly like them though!

      I had the idea behind the over door for a slot where you (or the child) can drop one of a number of different panels, each with a different meal pictured, so they can look ‘in’ their oven and see what’s cooking.

      I may also wire mine up, so there is a red light in the oven, depicting cooking, as well as a normal white light for seeing what’s cooking. This can be carried through to the fridge, and the stove elements.

      I definitely think 3/4″ is overkill – I’ll be going 1/2″ for the main surfaces, and much thinner panels if I do a raised panel design for the various doors. You can always make the edge look bulkier by adding a wider panel to the front.

      I’d start by buying the sink (if you are not making it), and any other hardware, and build around them.

      Overall though, looks good – there are going to be a fair few happy kids this Christmas!

      BTW, I know what you mean about separates taking up space. However, the unit I pictured above (the wooden, unpainted one) took me a single weekend to build, so it isn’t too arduous in the build process.

      Looking forward to seeing your results!

  2. Hi Stu ….. with all the new kit in the shed you will get the orders knocked over in no time. Perhaps a video or two of putting all of the new toys (tools) to use?????

    • You bet – they need a big workout, and documenting the process should make for a good series. Now I just need to build up enough leave passes to get it done!

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