SSYTC009 New Domino Jig from Terry Forgarty

Terry Fogarty runs the Domino and Furniture courses for Ideal Tools, and having owned and used the Domino in a production setting since they first went on sale just over 3 years ago, he is particularly experienced in their use, and has developed a number of jigs to extend its capabilities.

This is his latest jig, and is a clever, and simple way of using the domino to create adjustable shelves (similar to the old dowel hole method typical in many commercial furniture carcasses), but it produces very consistent shelf holes very easily and accurately. He finishes it off with home-made shelf supports that look so much better than the commercial plastic or metal ones.


2 Responses

  1. Stu,
    do you think this type of shelf jig could be adapted for use with a router?

    • Other than the oscillation function of the bit to cut a trench rather than plunging in to make a hole, a domino could be considered a specialist form of router.

      I don’t see why you couldn’t use that jig with a router instead – slower going, and you’d need some sort of stop at the other side of the router to end up with a consistent slot, but feasible.

      With a domino, it is a few seconds work, so a marked contrast in ease of use.

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