Building an Index

I’m working on the idea of having a bit of a site index, but I haven’t formalised the concept as yet, and thought I might solicit some suggestions from you.

The concept of the index is not to be a complete comprehensive list of every single post on the site, but a kind of a “best of the best”, or perhaps a highlight of those posts that most reveal what Stu’s Shed represents.

I have a few posts I am really pleased with scattered throughout the site, but I’m sure there are others that perhaps have spoken more to you (some of my favourite posts never elicited a single comment, other posts sparked a lot of conversation and communication).

So what I am hoping is for those who care to, to nominate 1, 10, 100 (whatever) posts that you particularly like, or feel should be included to comment on this post with the relevant date/topic of the article(s) to be added to the index and we will see where this experiment goes!

I think as much as anything, that I’m looking for an index of really interesting topics that a new visitor to the site can use to quickly get an appreciation for the sort of information available here.

If you think the concept is flawed, you can say that too!

2 Responses

  1. Stu,
    I am only to pleased to cooperate as free participant in your service.

  2. Mate
    They’re all good

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