Triton Spares

It has been a long wait, but there has been some progress made on getting Triton spares available again.

An ex-GMC employee took it onto himself to buy the spares as the companies went into liquidation so that they would still be able to be made available.  He has moved to the west (WA), and it is taking some time to sort through them all out again, but as he does so, they are being listed on eBay through his eBay Store.

There isn’t a lot listed there at the moment, but it will begin to populate properly in a fortnight or so.

And for those looking for Triton Biscuits, (other than through the above-business/eBay store), the company that was making them for Triton is now able to sell them directly to the public.  They are called a “Size 7 Biscuit”, available from

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