A quick preview of Frontline

You know you are onto a good thing when you have a guest in the shed, and you just have to rave about a tool you are reviewing, and this is absolutely the case with the Frontline Engineering clamps that arrived today.

I will do a comprehensive review of this clamping system in the near future (actually, I will probably do it as a combination of written and video) – there is a lot worth covering with this system.

In the meantime, I had an opportunity to have a good chat in my shed this morning with the inventor of the product (well I hope that is right!) – he certainly knew the product range and design backwards. It helped a lot getting that hands-on exposure to the product, and its various features, and it really opened my eyes to a product I have seen from a distance numerous times (as an in-store display), but not realised just how good it is to justify a much closer look.

Probably a good thing, otherwise my wallet may have already had to pay the price, and these are not cheap, but with these clamps you really get what you pay for. I’m seriously impressed by them.

Panel Clamping

Panel Clamping

The picture here is from the Frontline website (and the in-store displays), but as much as it does explain the product well, it also does it an injustice.  Sure, you do get the idea that the clamp is great at making panels, but unless that is specifically what you need, you may completely overlook the other aspects of this system, as I have until now.  You also miss out on the scale involved.  Given that the boards in the photo are around 2x4s, you start to realise the actual size of these units.

This may look to be a clamp limited to only one task (and by the look of the graphic, one that it does do very well), but it certainly isn’t a one task wonder.  The biggest thing I had not realised, is this is a sash clamp, pure and simple.  Just because it has the upper channel in all the images, this system does not require both the upper and lower channels, and by removing the upper section, you have a sash clamp with up to 4 tonne of clamping force. 4 tonnes is astronomical for a sash clamp – almost unheard of.  If fully utilised, there would be glue everywhere but between the boards.  The fact that the components have been designed and manufactured to cope with this sort of loading goes to show the quality of the tool’s manufacture.  I mean how many other sash clamps you know incorporate thrust bearings in their design?!

Where it does come to panel clamping, it appears quite unique in that it fully loads up vertically, getting all the panel components properly aligned before the horizontal loading even starts to be applied.  Glue between the boards doesn’t get wiped off as would happen if the boards were bought into alignment after the clamping had begun.  Another thing that impressed me was there was finally some real suggested clamping pressure, so the opportunity to starve a joint of glue is reduced. The guidance is once the boards are clamped in line vertically, then bought together horizontally (just), one half-turn of the clamp handle (equating to 2mm of travel) is all that is required to achieve proper clamping pressure.

So as mentioned, I will do a more intensive review of this clamp in the near future, but in the meantime, don’t do what I have in the past, and just miss the Frontline display – the amount of engineering involved in these are an ideal combination of simplicity, and elegance, and worth a much closer look.

6 Responses

  1. Hey Stu,
    When you do the review can you compare it to the compressx system? The scissor action seems to make more sense, but I haven’t seen the frontline ones in action.

    • That’s the plan – the AWR article is looking at as many clamps as possible on the Australian market. When I look at Frontline on here, I will keep in mind other systems that try to play in the same ball game, but there is nothing that comes vaguely close to the Frontline from what I have found, and irrespective of the cost difference, the Frontline wins hands down. So if you are looking for a strong conclusion, that is it. If you can afford the system, nothing else comes close, even though it is twice as much as the next system, it is still worth it.

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  4. Hey, Stu. I realize your review is nearly 10 years old, but I wondered if you have any further thoughts about these clamps after (presumably) using them all that time? And my specific question is whether the glue gets stuck down in the channel and makes the clamping mechanism difficult to slide?

    Great site, by the way!

    Dave from Oakland, California

    • Hi Dave,

      Have to say, Frontline clamps are still the best I have come across – nothing else has come close, even with 10 years for that to happen!

      As to glue, it doesn’t stick easily to the aluminium at all and is easy to remove. In saying that, the glue rarely if ever will get into the channel where the clamping mechanism slides, so irrespective of how much you over apply glue, the clamps will continue to work smoothly, even if you don’t clean them up.

      The mechanism runs in a couple of slots, so glue that drips does not get near them to cause any drama

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