Rockwell JawHorse Commercial

This is the commercial for the Rockwell JawHorse that will be featuring on FoxSports in July (in Australia).

The Rockwell JawHorse itself will also be available in July.  The Worx JawHorse (which is the Rockwell JawHorse in the USA) which has been featured on this website will be available later this year.

Latest writeup here: SSYTC009 Rockwell JawHorse

7 Responses

  1. Checked out the Log & Chainsaw Jaws and the Worktable accessories. They look great and very useful. I wonder how hard it would be to fit these to the Triton SuperJaws??

    Project for our intrepid reporter maybe?

    • I think it will be very similar – at worst perhaps needing to drill some different holes, but then, it may not even come to that.

      Will let everyone know as soon as I do, particularly if I can get hold of some of the accessories, (or perhaps the Oz Rockwell model, where I can try out my Triton accessories on it).

      There are some cool accessories for the Worx model, but they won’t be seen in Oz till later this year either.

  2. Interesting to see the JawHorse, will this then be sold through Mitre 10, I think their the only ones that sell the ‘Worx’ brand? and rockwell.

    • Mitre 10, Home Hardware, I think I saw a whole bunch of Rockwell tools in Supercheap Auto as well, so they could conceivably be convinced to carry the JawHorse – would be a great accessory for car maintenance projects etc. All sorts of places, EXCEPT Bunnings.

      Bunnings have the Kincrome Zoom after all. 😉

  3. Looks like some small changes from the Jawhorse I have. The front legs lock on the front via those yellow (barry plastic) clips. And the cutouts on the side are fewer and inset with the logo.

    Still the only thing I’d like to add is a ratchet mode for clamping so that I could do multiple foot presses under some load to clamp it tight.

  4. Do you have an instructional DVD for the Jawhorse and if so, how do I order one? Thanks.

    • No, but I might shoot a quick one for the YouTube Chronicles – the operation of the JawHorse is very straightforward.

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