Some initial findings

Not too many surprises coming out of the polls, which is as valuable as any left-field results.  If you have yet to vote, please do so as I am interested in getting as balanced a result as I can.

From the article poll, there is an increasing trend towards a desire for more how-to articles, which is a ‘criticism’ I was expecting, and it goes towards validating my concepts for what the website is about.  I will still be doing plenty of reviews, but will make more of an effort to maintain the core reason for the site.  I do find I learn a lot from reviewing products, but using them in actual projects will showcase them better, and still address the how-to aspects of this place.

For the videos, the results were a little more unexpected, although pleasing.  The vast majority are in support of the videos as they are currently presented, both length and quality/size.  There are a a few wanting short (<10 minute) videos only, but they are equally balanced by those wanting even longer videos (>60 minute), so I’ll have to take the middle path on this one, although I will try to cater to both by having some videos shorter and others longer.  There is already a Stu’s Shed YouTube channel, but it is rather unpopulated, as most of my videos are too long for YouTube’s restrictions.

So I’ll keep watching the poll results, and try to keep the site catering for everyone’s requirements.

Some Reader Feedback

Thought I might check in, and make sure that I am still supplying the sort of content that you want to see on this website.

This first survey is about the overall balance of article types that appear.  Multiple answers are allowed.

Should have mentioned – your votes are completely anonymous, and if you think there should have been other options in the poll, feel free to add comments giving alternate suggestions, or clarifying your choices.  I’m taking these polls seriously to best cater for what you want from this website.

The second survey is about the videos, and if they are the right length etc.

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