Another Year Bites the Dust

And thus Stu’s Shed becomes 2 years old!

To compare to the 1st birthday,

1st Year 2nd Year Difference Total
Site Visitors 109,470 309,420 +199,950 418,890
Average Visitors/Day (Jun) 571 1028 +457
Posts/Articles 328 447 +119 775
Topics 260 891 +631 1151
Word Count 133,000 ???* +???* ???*
Twitters 0 47 +47 47
Photos 700 1053 +353 1753
Videos# 30 22 -8 52

*still to be calculated

#not including tool promo videos

So that now means that over the existence of the site, there has been an average of more than 1 post per day, and a video every 2 weeks.  Since 1 January this year, there has been a post every single day, sometimes more!

This year has seen so much change, both to the website, and to woodworking in general, it is hard to comprehend just how much can change in such a short time.  I did (quietly) predict the demise of GMC by Xmas last year, and it came pretty close to that.  I didn’t think that it would be the end of Triton, but that seems to have come to pass as well.

Most recently, the site has incorporated Twitter for quick news feeds / brief updates, and it has so far proved to be an interesting experiment, and that will be continued.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the posts in the bottom left column, and consider subscribing to StusShed Twitter to be kept in the loop.  For a site that has such regular posts it may seem strange to have an additional news column, but there is often so much information to channel that Twitter offers a way of filtering that info through.

My thanks to those companies that demonstrate an interest in the website – it means I can keep offering plenty of interesting content to the site’s many readers.  Most importantly, a really big thanks to the readers themselves (all of you!) – if you didn’t continue to visit, there would be no reason for this website to continue to exist, so it is because of your persistence that this site continues to prosper and grow – I would not be inspired to continue it if not for you!!

I don’t have stats for how many countries have visited so far, but since maintaining some form of record, visitors have come from over 110 countries.  Amazing.

After an incredible first year, I wasn’t sure what the second year would bring, and it exceeded many of my expectations. The rate the site was growing wrt visitors has slowed down a lot since December, so I am wondering whether that is the site hitting its straps, or just the impact of the financial crisis having an effect on people’s lives.  In saying that though, the busiest day so far was just this last week, with over 2000 visitors in a single day.

So my appreciation once again to all of you who support the website in your respective ways – I have a blast doing it, so am grateful that you continue to provide me the justification to continue!

Update – latest map, which has updated graphics and a much finer distribution really shows the coverage, especially in the US and Europe (and the eastern seaboard of Australia).


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