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  1. I wish I could afford this table saw. Great video. Unfortunatly I still use my Triton Workbench. This raises a question. Can I use Mag switch gear on my workbench?

    • It certainly can, but you do need to take into account the decreased strength of the magnets connecting to a thin material. You need to use the larger size (the 30mm MagSwitches, such as in the Pro Fence Featherboard), and even better would be to add a piece of ferrous material to the underside of the workbench in the vicinity that you are normally expecting to use the featherboard.

      Because the Triton typically has the fence to the left of the blade, you will probably need the Fence Featherboard (which does have 30mm MagSwitches).

      The Universal which would otherwise be ideal only has 20mm MagSwitches, and although it has a Titanium Nitride coating to improve the grip, it is achieved because the TiNi coating is rougher and therefore friction with the tabletop is increased. This doesn’t help when the surface is thin like the Triton, and particularly when it has a smooth baked enamel coating (like the Triton)!

  2. Hi stu
    Enjoyed the video, what do you use on your cast iron tops to keep them looking so good?

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