For those about to Tweet…..

We salute you!

(Poor ACDC reference!)

For those that do use Twitter, Stu’s Shed has recently joined in, as much to find out what the hype is all about.

Listed as stusshed, I assume there is a search function!

Direct link: (thanks Jonathan)

Get some insider gossip, previews of upcoming tool reviews, and news to hand that hasn’t gotten to the blog yet

It will be interesting to see how the blog and the twitter coexist. You are limited to 140 characters or so, but some may agree that limiting how much I can write could be a bloody good thing!

Update – found a Twitter Widget for the blog – you can see my latest Twitters now down the bottom of the left-hand column.  Sometimes there will be some very new news in there, stuff that will work its way into the body of the blog, but with Twitter you will be getting some news particularly fast, keeping you more in the loop of what’s happening at Stu’s Shed.

Making an appearance in Skandinavia

Stu’s Shed making an appearance on the Norwegian website  Verktøy AS (which from what I can gather is a woodworking importer for Scandinavia)

Translates roughly to say good video but a bit long (seems a common complaint, of the complaints I receive that is!! Oh well, I try to be comprehensive, and it is said that I give a good forklaring 🙂 )

Se video fra Australia – en kar som viser hvordan Lidwig tvinger virker. Litt lang video men gir god forklaring!


OBS: Video kan med fordel lastes ned (se neste vindu)

Fred Flintstone’s Lathe

Straight from the quarry to your workshop, you too can own the tooling that made Bedrock the stone capital of the world.

Steel City Lathe

Steel City Lathe

That’s right – a granite lathe from Steel City.  Very similar in specs to the Jet, this features a granite bed, so no rusting, and I’d imagine a smooth gliding motion to the tailstock and toolrest positioning.

Furthermore, the weight would be very stabilising, and the material vibration absorbing.  It has quite a long bed for a mini-lathe too, so probably no real need for the extension bed (although I hope that is still an option).  Available in a belt drive or electronic variable speed option.  The standard pricing is around $US320, which is pretty nice, undercutting the Jet by a good $60.  Available from Wood Werks for one (by web search), and at this stage not in Australia.

We can drool as much as we like though – with a granite bed, this lathe ain’t going to rust!

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