I was asked (by email) last night if I am still doing the videos/podcasts, seeing as it has been a month or so since the last.

The simple answer is yes- I have a few in development (which is code for “in my head”), they just need to be shot.

My only defence is that it has been a bit of a hell month, and family takes priority over shed time. It is a bit of a bomb site out there as I am finetuning some tool locations (still) and the dust system (still) but slow progress is being made on all fronts.

I hope to return to a fortnightly or so frequency for the podcasts, but as every shed-dweller knows, actually planning shed time and activities is fraught with peril!

In the background, there are some new tools that are getting reviewed, including articles for the next 2 Australian Wood Reviews, I’m still delving into the whole abrasives topic, I haven’t been invited to Sydney (which is a bit of a shame- that would have been a blast, especially on top of the successes at the Brisbane Show).

The list is too long to list realistically- to maintain my current rate of a new post every day (and has been since the beginning of this year) does take significant amounts of background work. I definitely feel like a duck- calm on the surface, legs going frantically underneath, and if I look cute enough, a tasty morsel gets thrown my way!

Quack quack

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