Stu’s Shed Woodworking Course at Holmesglen Tafe

Looking for a quick gauge of interest if this course was offered by Holmesglen (Chadstone Campus) as a 2 day / weekend course.

The current course being offered is the Introductory Triton Woodworking course, but for the past year it has failed to gain enough attendees for it to run.  I am therefore looking at what might be a better approach, to still fill the need for an introductory course to woodworking machinery.

It would still cover Triton because that is the hardware that Holmesglen has, but the focus will be on generic procedures and practices, rather than focusing solely on the Triton range (and potentially the Bosch range if the rumours turn out to be true).

Equipment covered would include the tablesaw, router table and bandsaw, plus miscellaneous hand power tools etc that have been seen on this website (and some still to come, including the Leigh Dovetail, the Mortise Pal etc)

The current course costs $340, and runs 8:30 to 4:30 on the Saturday, and 8:30 to 1pm on the Sunday, so I would imagine Holmesglen would stick with that length and pricing.

So the question is, and based on a very short brief provided here, would this course be worth getting off the ground?

2 Responses

  1. I’d be interested with my old man.

  2. I need all the courses/help I can get.

    I’m just starting, have got myself a Workcentre 2000, Triton Router/Jigsaw table, Triton 235 mm saw and Triton 1/2″ router.

    I want a course that will help with everything, assembling it all correctly, learning to build small, household items, to larger enjoyable projects.

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