Garden Sized Kitchen Blender

Had a play with one of those mulchers recently – you know the ones, sold to mulch up your garden waste and turn it into, well, mulch for your garden beds and trees.

Garden Mulcher

Garden Mulcher

All I can say about it (given the model I tried wasn’t new, and probably needed its blades resharpened), who in their right mind took a kitchen blender…..

Kitchen Blender

Kitchen Blender

……and scaled it up so it can handle garden waste???

FWIW, the kitchen blender shown here is an image I sourced off the web, and is the brand used in the “Will it Blend” gags shown on such shows as Letterman, where they do such things as throw an iPhone into the blender, and see what it can manage.  As a marketing tool, pure genius.  If Blendtec were sold in Australia, I’d be pretty sure I’d have one in my kitchen (not because I specifically need a blender, but because it is pretty cool seeing what this one can do!)

Anyway, back to my point – just because the design is great for kitchen use (and some of those “don’t try it at home” videos), doesn’t make it a great design for chopping up small trees etc.  Perhaps it is, but boy is it a noisy and violent ride!

Garden Mulcher Knives

Garden Mulcher Knives

(Personally, that is NOT the solution I would have come up with if asked to design a garden mulcher blade design!)

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  1. You can actually buy a Blendtec in Australia now – I found one on eBay and through and I got a great reply from who I think are the Aussie distributors.

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