There was a bit of a rumour floating around the Brisbane show about Triton….and Bosch.

As the rumour went, Bosch have bought up the existing stock of Triton Workcentre components with a view to paint them blue and release them under their brand.

There is absolutely no substantiating evidence to confirm or deny the rumour however, so don’t get your hopes up.  A blue Triton Router would be nice though.  And as my Triton drill batteries quickly die, some new LiIon ones would be great.

The only thing I can add to that, is given that Diver Consolidated Industries in north Melbourne had begun tooling up to take over the production of Triton Workcentres and Router Tables, (while GMC was still (I was going to say solvent, but perhaps fairer just to say “in existence”)) it would make sense for them to encourage someone to take on the product so they can get some benefit out of whatever they had already invested in those production lines.  A guesstimate would put their investment at $1 million to tool up for production.

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