Whiteside Template Bit

I’ve found in the past that Whiteside make a very tidy router bit, and this template bit is no exception.

They don’t seem to go in for the coatings of some companies, and appear to concentrate on the manufacturing of router bits which look very precise, from the clean look of the bit, and its carbide grinding, to how tidy the carbide is attached (brazed) to the body of the router bit.

Whiteside Template Bit

Whiteside Template Bit

This particular router bit is a 1/4″ shaft template bit, with a bearing guide.  The benefit of the bearing for template work is you don’t have to be concerned whether your guide bushing is accurately centred on the router or not affecting the result.  It also means the template can be made to the same size as the desired recess – you don’t have to take into account the thickness of the template, or the distance between the template and the cutter. (That is not to say that guide bushings don’t have a very valid place for many routing activities).

Carbide Detail

Carbide Detail

You can see from this second image what I mean about the precision used in brazing the carbide to the router bit – that is about the cleanest job I have seen by any manufacturer.

In that photo, from top to bottom are the carbide cutters, the bearing, and the bearing retainer ring (secured by grub screw)

The cutting length is either 1/4″ or 1/8″ depending on which model you choose – both available from Professional Woodworkers Supplies for around $40-$42.

Both are suitable for small inlay work and setting small hinges.  Their benefit over a traditional pattern copying bit is the short cutting length, so you don’t need either a tall template, or to cut through the workpiece (obviously rather undesirable when doing inlay work!)

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