Over 100 Countries

Since early May, when I added the new widget that maps visitors to the site, there have been visitors from over 100 countries.  Cool huh – how amazing that a small shed in the back of beyond of south-east Melbourne suburbs, down-under gets seen all over the world (or is that the global village?)  Does that make me the village woodworker, or just the village idiot?

Over 100 countries, > 1/2 the world

Over 100 countries, > 1/2 the world

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  1. The internet is a wonderful invention. I think that it has and will continue to join all people in common interests. As well as opening some of the more closed societies in the world. That is a good thing, since it is less likely to hate or mistrust people that you know. Love your blog, keep it up. And a big thank you from Eugene, Oregon USA.

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