End of Financial Year Discounts

Professional Woodworkers Supplies has emailed out their latest newsletter with some interesting discounts listed inside.

The first is the ability for buyers to get a discount voucher for a massive $1.  The size of the voucher depends on how much you spend:

$250   up to $499 +$1 and receive a $ 30 Gift Certificate.
$500   up to $749 + $1 and receive a $ 50 Gift Certificate.
$750   up to $999 + $1 and receive a $ 70 Gift Certificate.
$1000 and over    + $1 and receive a $100 Gift Certificate.

In addition, PWS are not attending the Sydney Wood Show this year, so are offering free freight for any orders over $250.00 to any NSW & ACT Post Code (2000 > 2999) address during the month of June 2009.

Both these offers end 30 June 09, and both can be used concurrently.

If you currently don’t receive the PWS newsletter (which only comes out every couple of months or so, so you are not suddenly going to find a full inbox if you do sign up) then it is a good one to get.  There is often lots of interesting tips etc included, as well as new tools mentioned. You will find the link to subscribe on their website here.  Scroll down, and the subscribing link is at the bottom of the left hand column.

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