New HNT Gordon Planes

Received my latest e-newsletter from HNT Gordon planes recently, which was a good prompt to have a look at Terry’s website again.

Noticed on there that Terry won’t be attending any of the woodshows this year, and instead is offering discounts on his planes (which correspond to the State that the show is in – check his site for more details).  In a nutshell though, when the discount is in your area, it is for 20% off, which is quite a savings!  If you are in Queensland, this special is currently available until 31 May 09.

The other thing that I noticed is he has bought out some new planes – specifically hollow and round profiles of different widths. I’ve pinched these photos from his website:

HNT Gordon Hollow Plane

HNT Gordon Hollow Plane

Using the 1" Round

Using the 1" Round

Finally, an image from his site that has (and is still) gracing the wall of my office.  A stunning set of Ebony planes and associated tools from Terry and Colen (Clenton)

HNT Gordon

HNT Gordon

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