Brisbane Wood Show Sat Wrap

Quite a whirlwind day all told. 4am start with a drive to the airport, then a 2 hour(ish) flight. Landed and got a slow cab to the show, arriving with 10 minutes to spare. Never known a cab to drive so slowly – didn’t seem to get over 50kph the entire trip (and no, there wasn’t any traffic to speak of!)

There was quite an impressive queue outside, with a number of people I recognised from the forums- hi guys!

Inside got very busy very quickly- lots of interest in the products and met a whole swag of readers of Stu’s Shed. It’s hilarious coming to a show 1/2 the country away, and finding someone who knows of me every 5 minutes or so! In contrast, I’m sitting here in the Zouk Bar forecourt in the Brunswick Mall having dinner and am a complete stranger.

The show had a smaller feeling than Melbourne, but there were still plenty of the big players there as well, and lots of timber.

Very little burl or Huon Pine to be seen (although I did see a bit on one stand), but then there was also lots of other stuff that wasn’t as familiar, and prices seemed a lot more reasonable than Melbourne.

Got to catch up with lots of people- Richard Vaughan, Colen Clenton, Raf (AWR), Stan (I declined the offer of a sausage roll), Jim Carroll & Doorstop, the Carbatec boys to name a few.

It was interesting seeing familiar stands from the Melbourne show, surreally manned by strangers (to me).

The show felt bigger than a provincial town one, but had some of those qualities too. The non-woodworking stands were still there sadly- the painters, massagers, boot polishers, garden shears etc.

I don’t understand the patrons who complain about shows though- if you try to get into the woodworking community, attending shows, participating in the forums etc, these shows are great for all the contacts you can make.

Haven’t seen much at all of Brisbane- a bit like Sydney from the cab, a bit like Darwin in the Brunswick Mall. Perhaps another time.

Tomorrow should be another huge day. I’ve got a bit of a short list of things to buy- there’s some impressive Solomon Ebony which will make some nice stuff, some pen acrylics and case, and well, we will see what the day brings.

New HNT Gordon Planes

Received my latest e-newsletter from HNT Gordon planes recently, which was a good prompt to have a look at Terry’s website again.

Noticed on there that Terry won’t be attending any of the woodshows this year, and instead is offering discounts on his planes (which correspond to the State that the show is in – check his site for more details).  In a nutshell though, when the discount is in your area, it is for 20% off, which is quite a savings!  If you are in Queensland, this special is currently available until 31 May 09.

The other thing that I noticed is he has bought out some new planes – specifically hollow and round profiles of different widths. I’ve pinched these photos from his website:

HNT Gordon Hollow Plane

HNT Gordon Hollow Plane

Using the 1" Round

Using the 1" Round

Finally, an image from his site that has (and is still) gracing the wall of my office.  A stunning set of Ebony planes and associated tools from Terry and Colen (Clenton)

HNT Gordon

HNT Gordon

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