4 Hour Carpark Sale!

On Sunday 31 May, from 9am to 1pm ONLY, Carbatec Melbourne are having a carpark sale.

Carbatec have grabbed the liquidated stock from GMC/Triton of the GMC 8″ Whetstone Sharpener and the 8″ and 12″ Triton bandsaws.

The pallets of stock they have will not be available early, so there is no point trying to get it before the sale, and once the 4 hours are up, that’s it.

So onto the items themselves.

GMC Whetstone Sharpener

GMC Whetstone Sharpener

$169 $99

I’m half tempted by one myself – they are cheap enough, and work about as well as the Triton (have pretty much the same wheel), and even come with a knife jig that the Triton doesn’t have (and isn’t any less functional than the Tormek afaik, and that jig costs more than the entire sharpener!) Speaking of Tormek, those jigs will fit this unit too.

12" Bandsaw

12" Bandsaw

$735 $399

8" Bandsaw

8" Bandsaw

$249 $129

Remember these bandsaws are identical to the Scheppach Basato models (the 12″ is the Basato 3), and these were actually manufactured by Scheppach for Triton.  Why I mention this? The Scheppach Basato models are still readily available, as are their spares.

Given the current economic climate, the Basato 3 Vario has jumped significantly in price, and is now around $935!! So an identical model, brand new for under $400 is an impressive saving (saving over $500!!)

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Two questions for you though:

    Do you have any idea of the quantities available?
    And, do you have any idea how big a box the 12″ saw comes in (trying to figure if it will fit in my falcon sedan).

    Thanks again.

    • From what I can gather there are pallets of sharpeners and 8″ bandsaws, but be in quick for the 12″ – there’s only a couple dozen.

      Whether there’s pallets or a few, the sale is 4 hours only!

      As to the size of the 12″ box, definitely bring a trailer!! It is surprisingly large. I wouldn’t be able to get it into my Commodore Wagon, if that gives an idea of size (although I am working from memory from the last time I saw a box, at the Melbourne Wood Show 2 years ago).

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