Progressing the Cause

Had a couple of successful sessions progressing the shed itself (some jobs that were outstanding from the original shed reconstruction from a year ago!). Big job this afternoon – finally finishing off the front wall!  For the last year there has been a gap of about 100mm which I had covered with a wide plastic damp-course.  As a temporary solution, it worked, but I was always very aware of it, and that it was very temporary.

This I have finally covered with a double-skin of treated pine, with the damp-course moved to be between the board sandwich.  A third layer was added to the inside of the shed to cover the tops of the steel wall cladding.  Finally.  And it doesn’t look too bad either – certainly a lot better than a flapping bit of black plastic!

The other thing I was working on was the dust extraction system, but that will be the subject of another post!

Back to safety for a second. Despite dealing with dust, nailguns, the tablesaw, bandsaw, jigsaw during the weekend, what bit me was…….the mess.  Not a big deal (but the fall could have been if I had landed a bit differently). I literally tripped over the mess – not even sure what initially caught my foot, but that threw me off balance and I ended up crashing into a couple of tool stands, knocking all sorts of things flying – mallets, framing gun etc.  Caught the hip quite heavily on a corner, so have a really impressive graze to show for it, and grazed quite a lot of skin off one arm (bruised, but didn’t break the skin).  Sure am stiffening up now though.

When you have a tight space (and lots of large tools), it really pays to keep the environment tidy.  Sadly, tidying up was what I was trying to achieve, and the reason there were a number of tools out of position was to try to establish a sense of order over the space.

Ah well, a small price to pay to have made some good progress out there.

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