Triton on Ebay pt 2

FWIW, an eBayer who has bought some items from me in the past (and I’ve had no problems dealing with in the past) is selling some of his brand new Triton gear (new in box in most cases) at much more reasonable prices than some of those ones I tripped over yesterday!

The direct link to the items he’s selling is here

At this stage he looks to have a 1400W router, 2300W circular saw, jigsaw, bevel ripping guide, log jaws and the angle grinder.

One Response

  1. Just a quick comment re Triton gear. Dahlsen’s (mitre 10) in Gippsland Victoria are clearing out there Titon gear including biscuit joiners, 71/4 and 91/4 circular saws. The 9 1/4 saw is selling for $149. I think the 7 1/4 is about the $80 mark.

    p.s i don’t suppose you know who is selling the Triton 2000 workcentres at the moment???

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