Big Boys Toys

Sometimes you come across other woodworkers’ projects that really make you sit up and look, and this is one of those.

Chuck Hoggarth makes very large scale models, and they are definitely worth a second look.




Check out some of his other projects on his website here

He sources many of his plans from Toys and Joys, a site that I am going to have a much closer look at, because I always really enjoy making those sorts of models.  Of course, I doubt I will be following Chuck’s lead, of scaling every model up by a factor of 4 though!

3 Responses

  1. do you know if he still builds these models?

    • No idea, but the plans he uses are readily available. I source mine from Professional Woodworkers Supplies, and currently have the HumVee project to build. I am tempted to look at oversizing it too (no where near to the same degree), but perhaps for the second time around!

      • Okay, thanks. I know he’s now 82 years old, so I’m not sure if he still does it. I thought you may know. Thanks again.

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