World distribution of Stu’s Shed readers

As you can see on the right hand side, I have found a cute plotting map that gives an indication of distribution of readers (which updates every 24 hours).  It appears to only take a sample of site visitors (around 30%), but it gives an interesting look at just where everyone is! (Update – it also looks at one address I provided, but as the site has more than one, it is missing a significant portion of the overall site visitors.  That’s ok, because I am not relying on it as a visitor counter (I have much more accurate ones of those), but just as a bit of interest to see where people are visiting from).

Conquering the World

Conquering the World

It is like playing Risk

Your Move Mr Bond

Your Move Mr Bond


Entering Endgame

Looking more like chickenpox!

Looking more like chickenpox!

Country distribution is currently thus:

United States (US) 2,233
Australia (AU) 2,183
United Kingdom (GB) 307
Canada (CA) 269
New Zealand (NZ) 73
Russian Federation (RU) 35
South Africa (ZA) 34
Belgium (BE) 29
Netherlands (NL) 25
Ireland (IE) 24
France (FR) 22
Japan (JP) 22
India (IN) 21
Italy (IT) 18
Denmark (DK) 17
Germany (DE) 16
Mexico (MX) 15
Finland (FI) 15
Brazil (BR) 14
Argentina (AR) 13
Sweden (SE) 12
Israel (IL) 10
Malaysia (MY) 10
Bulgaria (BG) 10
Spain (ES) 9
Turkey (TR) 9
Croatia (HR) 9
Norway (NO) 8
Poland (PL) 7
Greece (GR) 7
Cyprus (CY) 6
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR) 6
Colombia (CO) 6
Philippines (PH) 5
Thailand (TH) 5
Indonesia (ID) 5
Saudi Arabia (SA) 5
Hungary (HU) 5
Trinidad and Tobago (TT) 5
Portugal (PT) 5
Brunei Darussalam (BN) 4
Lithuania (LT) 4
Singapore (SG) 4
Taiwan (TW) 4
Pakistan (PK) 4
Chile (CL) 4
Europe (EU) 3
Iceland (IS) 3
Slovenia (SI) 3
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) 3
Serbia (RS) 3
Slovakia (SK) 3
Czech Republic (CZ) 3
Romania (RO) 3
Peru (PE) 3
Egypt (EG) 3
Estonia (EE) 3
Hong Kong (HK) 3
United Arab Emirates (AE) 3
Kazakstan (KZ) 2
Switzerland (CH) 2
Belarus (BY) 2
Sri Lanka (LK) 2
Jordan (JO) 2
Kuwait (KW) 2
Vietnam (VN) 2
Korea, Republic of (KR) 2
Barbados (BB) 2
Costa Rica (CR) 2
Puerto Rico (PR) 2
Panama (PA) 2
Fiji (FJ) 1
Jamaica (JM) 1
Mauritius (MU) 1
Latvia (LV) 1
Netherlands Antilles (AN) 1
Ethiopia (ET) 1
Mozambique (MZ) 1
Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN) 1
Bermuda (BM) 1
Mongolia (MN) 1
Guyana (GY) 1
Austria (AT) 1
Georgia (GE) 1
Venezuela (VE) 1
Cote D’Ivoire (CI) 1
Macedonia (MK) 1
Saint Lucia (LC) 1
Ukraine (UA) 1
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (LY) 1

2 Responses

  1. Hey!! I’m the guy in Sweden :))

    Keep up the good work! Thanks!

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