SW09 – Fire in the Galley

Fire in the Galley. A short slideshow video of the result of a simple fire, and the resulting damage (in a very short space of time).

I attended this fire after the actual incident (we were on the ship next door) to document the situation. Note the result from the heat that quickly resulted – especially my favourite – the speaker that got so hot that the bungee cord holding it down has actually pulled its way through the speaker itself.

The sort of heat, and damage documented here is by no means uncommon in a typical fire.

(Right-click, and select “Save Link As”) Best video quality is achieved by downloading then playing the mp4 version.

2 Responses

  1. Having been on a ship for many years in the early 80’s I know too well the importance of fire safety on board a vessel . That could have been a lot worst nice post thanks Stu.

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